Work like a boss. Sleep like a baby.

You’re more effective when you don’t feel overwhelmed. Satistime is a to-do scheduler that helps you manage your time efficiently - one task at a time.

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It's a beautiful sunny morning.

Ready for a new productive day you are looking over your to-do list. 12 tasks due today! That is exciting - and also a little bit overwhelming!

Never one to be intimidated though, you get right to it. You think in challenges, not problems.

Come evening, most of your to-dos are still on the todo list. Where did the day go?
You know that something needs to be done, it's time for a new time management solution.

We at Satistime know that story very well, because we have all been there.

Until one day we thought: Why are all the appointments in a tidy schedule, but the to-dos in a plain ugly list? Does it have to be like that?

It doesn't. We knew there was a better way, and we built it. That moment, Satistime was born - a new high of productivity.
It's the time of the to-do scheduler. When do you join in?

Open a new chapter in your productivity book.

Gone are the days when to-dos were collecting dust in to-do lists.

With Satistime you have a daily planner and know at a glance what needs to be done.

After a productive day, your Satistime calendar shows you all the to-dos ticked off. Done! Finished!
That's the feeling you want when you switch off the computer in the evening.

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I needed Satistime, so I built it

I know how overwhelming running a business as a solo entrepreneur can feel, because I’ve been there myself. I wanted a tool that could help keep my head above water. A to-do list, calendar and goal planner all rolled into one. I couldn’t find that tool on the market, so I built it myself. I’ve been using Satistime ever since.

Founder, Satistime

Everything in one

There are tons of productivity tools out there and I’ve probably tried them all. I’ve stuck with Satistime because it’s the one that simply works.

Peace of mind

I’ve got so much going on at work it can be hard to know what to do first. Working on my goals and scheduling with Satistime has taken the stress out of it. The equivalent of two coffees a month is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

A serious tool

Satistime is a serious tool for people who are serious about achieving their goals. It’s helped me to structure my thinking and my time, and the results for my business have been impressive.

For entrepreneurs

I have no hesitation in recommending Satistime to other solo entrepreneurs. Other tools offer similar features, but none of them are tailored so well to someone who does business online.

To-do Scheduling made easy

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